The surroundings of most runways are characterized by an enormous biodiversity. In the vast fields human presence is close to zero, making it an ideal habitat for birds to breed and forage. This globally recognized problem at airports can seriously jeopardize aviation safety.

Effective bird control is essential to ensure aviation safety. Airports spend millions each year to keep birds at a distance from aircraft.

Bird controllers are the goalkeepers at the airside, repelling birds that pose an immediate threat with scaring sounds and pyrotechnics. In order to use these tools effectively, bird controllers need to be in the vicinity of the birds, causing them to drive around the airport constantly to approach these unwelcome guests.

Bird Control Group has developed a valuable addition to the bird controller’s toolbox: the Aerolaser Handheld.

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The Aerolaser Handheld is inspired by nature, simulating a natural enemy in order to reclaim the airside territory from passing birds. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical danger. Moving the beam toward the birds appeals to their survival instinct, causing them to fly away.

  • Increase the range of bird controllers

  • Shorten the intervention time

  • Decrease driving distance and runway crossings

Long range up to 2500 meters
The Aerolaser Handheld enables effective bird repelling across long distances.

Directional bird repelling
The Aerolaser Handheld can be used to repel birds in a controlled direction, away from aircraft.

Animal and environmentally friendly
The Aerolaser handheld is a clean and silent solution, which is completely harmless to birds.

Intuitive design
The Aerolaser Handheld is designed for ease of use, while guaranteeing safe operation and maximum performance.

Long-term effectiveness
The Aerolaser Handheld maintains it repelling effect over time. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport confirms that birds do not get used to the laser beam.