The Stripe Hog Waterblasting System uses needle sharp water jets to quickly remove all types of roadway and airfield pavement markings as well as runway rubber deposit build-up from aircraft landings. The Stripe Hog performs these tasks with the least amount of impact to the surface.

At airports, the system is also capable of being used for pavement marking cleaning and rejuvenation, reducing the need for expensive re-painting efforts that involve runway closures and additional costs.

Highway contractors can utilize the Stripe Hog for the removal of curing compound on new concrete before new markings are applied, for the cleaning of existing pavement markings to restore reflectivity, and for the retexturing of pavement surfaces in order to restore friction levels.

The Stripe Hog can be configured for almost any removal project, including the cleaning of vertical surfaces, such as barrier walls, and for the cleaning of tunnels. This versatility has been a considerable driving factor in making the Stripe Hog the number one waterblasting removal system in the world with more units operating around the world than our top 5 competitors COMBINED!