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The Purivox CA-RC System (Carousel Airport – Radio Controlled System) is a radio remote controlled gas cannon for successful and effective bird control on airports.

The radio controlled Purivox CA-RC System will produce several very loud bangs (up to 146 dB(A)/1m in front of blast tube) to scare away birds from the area around the unit. Due the rotating blast tube of the Purivox CA-RC System and the three-shot technologie, the unit will cover 360° around the unit. This makes it possible to protect up to 8ha (80.000m²) from birds on the airpfield.

Benefits of the Purivox radio remote controlled gas cannons for bird control

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Using the Purivox CA-RC System in areas (near water or other places which are attractiv for birds) with many birds will give you the opportunity to clear the area immediately without driving there.

The Purivox CA-RC System is controlled by the decades-long proved Purivox electronic unit which is installed in all of the Purivox Airport devices. This electronic regulates the shots and many other things like:

  • Sequence of shots
  • Volume 2 levels
  • Group setting
  • Power supply

Technical information of the Purivox radio remote controlled gas cannons

LPG gas cylinder strage in the Purivox Airport bird control devices

The remote control of the Purivox CA-RC System is done by the remote controller Purivox TX-H1, which is also a Purivox made device (not included in the Purivox CA-RC System). The range of the Purivox TX-H1 is up to 8km (in a line of sight and good weather).

The Purivox CA-RC System is operated with a standard 11kg  gas cylinder (Other gas cylinders are also possible, they only have to fit in the unit). The power supply is given by a 12Volt battery which is charged from the solar panel which is located on the top of the unit and showing towards the sun.

The Purivox CA-RC System is available in two different blast tube versions, pulvarized blast tube or full stainless steel blast tube